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    • Continuum limit of discrete Sommerfeld problems on square lattice


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      A low-frequency approximation of the discrete Sommerfeld diffraction problems, involving the scattering of a time harmonic lattice wave incident on square lattice by a discrete Dirichlet or a discrete Neumann half-plane, is investigated. It is established that the exact solution of the discrete model converges to the solution of the continuum model, i.e., the continuous Sommerfeld problem, in the discrete Sobolev space defined by Hackbusch. A proof of convergence has been provided for both types of boundary conditions when the imaginary part of incident wavenumber is positive.

    • On linear waveguides of square and triangular lattice strips: an application of Chebyshev polynomials


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      An analysis of the linear waves in infinitely-long square and triangular lattice strips of identical particles with nearest neighbour interactions for all combinations of fixed and free boundary conditions, as well as the periodic boundary, is presented. Expressions for the dispersion relations and the associated normal modes in these waveguides are provided in the paper; some of which are expressed implicitly in terms of certain linear combinations of the Chebyshev polynomials. The effect of next-nearest-neighbour interaction is also included for the square lattice waveguides. It is found that localized propagating waves, so called surface wave modes,occur in the triangular lattice strips, as well as square lattice strips with next-nearest-neighbour interactions,when either or both boundaries are free. In this paper, the even and odd modes are also discussed separately,wherever applicable. Graphical illustrations of the dispersion curves are included for all waveguides. The discrete waveguides analysed in the paper have broad applications in physics and engineering, including their merit in classical problems in elasticity, acoustics and electromagnetism, as well as recent technological issues involving various transport phenomena in quasi-one-dimensional nano-structures.

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