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    • AI-based adaptive control and design of autopilot system for nonlinear UAV

      Anil Kumar Yadav Prerna Gaur

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      The objective of this paper is to design an autopilot system for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to control the speed and altitude using electronic throttle control system (ETCS) and elevator, respectively. A DC servo motor is used for designing of ETCS to control the throttle position for appropriate amount of air mass flow. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based controllers such as fuzzy logic PD, fuzzy logic PD + I, self-tuning fuzzy logic PID (STF-PID) controller and fuzzy logic-based sliding mode adaptive controller (FLSMAC) are designed for stable autopilot system and are compared with conventional PI controller. The target of throttle, speed and altitude controls are to achieve a wide range of air speed, improved energy efficiency and fuel economy with reduced pollutant emission. The energy efficiency using specific energy rate per velocity of UAV is also presented in this paper.

    • Selection of teak sawdust polypropylene composite’s composition for outdoor applications using TOPSIS analysis


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      Selection of a material for their end use in engineering applications depends on the properties of materials. In this paper, physical and mechanical properties of teak sawdust-polypropylene composite are evaluated and most suitable composition for outdoor applications have been determined by using TOPSIStechnique of optimization. Virgin and recycled polypropylene are mixed with teak sawdust to fabricate the composite with and without maleated polypropylene (MAPP) using compression molding method. TOPSIS technique of optimization involves prioritizing the performance indicators. Important properties such as tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, hardness, melt flow index, water absorption and thickness of swell are selected for the study. The composition 50% recycled polypropylene, 45% wood sawdust and 5% MAPP byweight is found to be most suitable for outdoor applications

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