• Vineet K Gahalaut

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    • Continent Deformation Due to Earthquake Cycle and Landscape Evolution

      Vineet K Gahalaut

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      Surface topography (whether subaerial or submarine) is a product of plate tectonic, geological, climate and surface processes. Plate tectonic processes, predominantly operated through earthquake cycle, dominate, at least in the seismically active regions, and are responsible for a significant amount of topography build up. On a shorter time scale, they appear to cause devastation, but on a longer time scale, they lead to the development of diverse landscapes which not only makes them look beautiful but also inhabitable. The topography build-up, due to deformation caused by earthquake processes, depends upon the mechanism of deformation and earthquake occurrence. The earthquake occurrence mecha-nism is different in the plate boundary regions as compared to that in the plate interior regions. Here in this article, I discuss the nuances of crustal deformation in the interplate and intraplate regions in the context of India and India plate.

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