• Sourabh Lahiri

      Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education

    • Fluctuation Theorems of Work and Entropy in Hamiltonian Systems

      A M Jayannavar Sourabh Lahiri

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      Fluctuation theorems are a group of exact relations that remain valid irrespective of how far the system has been driven away from equilibrium. Other than having practical applications, like determination of equilibrium free energy change from nonequilibrium processes, they help in our understandiing of the second law and the emergence of irreversibility from time-reversible equations of motion at microscopic level. A vast number of such theorems have been proposed in literature, ranging from Hamiltonian to stochastic systems, from systems in steady state to those in transient regime, and for both open and closed quantum systems. In this article, we discuss about a few such relations, when the system evolves under Hamiltonian dynamics.

    • Stochastic Energetics and Thermodynamics at Small Scales

      Sourabh Lahiri Jayannavar Arun M

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      At very small scales, thermodynamic energy exchanges like work and heat become comparable to the thermal energy of the system, which leads to unusual phenomena like the transient violations of the second law. We explore the generic characters of such systems using the framework of stochastic thermodynamics and provide a preliminary overview of the basic concepts. Here, we have attempted to put into simple terms some actively pursued topics like the arrow of time, effect of information gain on second law, explanation of the origin of life using Crooks theorem, and the thermodynamic uncertainty relations.

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