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    • IntelliChem Identifier: An Intelligent Search Engine at Your Fingertips for the Identification of Unknown Organic Compounds

      Suchandra Chakraborty Kaushik Basu Sanjib Halder Chandan Saha

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      Qualitative organic analysis (QOA) has long been an integralpart of the undergraduate and postgraduate organic chemistrycurriculum. QOA sessions typically involve dealing witha lot of information that includes experimental procedures,derivatization methods and a tedious, time-consuming literaturesurvey. Finding a single source of all these data can oftenprove challenging. In this article, we describe an Androidbasedsmartphone application named ‘IntelliChemIdentifier’(CI) that can act as a virtual assistant and consultant for studentsproviding on-the-fly access to all the relevant informationrequired in an ongoing QOA assignment. Along with thedetailed descriptions of the chemical tests and derivatizationtechniques, this app provides a digital database enlisting numerousorganic compounds and their characteristic responseto the series of experiments routinely carried out in QOA. CIalso features a quiz section with separate problem sets andanswer keys that can act as a self-assessment guide to the students.Presently, when e-learning resources are in high demand,CI can make the lab work more engaging and excitingto students, as evident from the users-feedback and rating ofthe app.

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