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    • Research Work: Accidental, Repetitive or Fundamental?: In the Light of Benzoin Condensation: Part 2

      Ahana Saha Saha Saha Suchandra Chakraborty

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      Eminent educators, as well as common people, often question why most of the research work is somewhat repetitive and why there are very few options for fundamental research in developing science. So, the elementary question is, "what is fundamental research?". Scientific research is driven by an extension of previous research. If we demask the word 're­search', i.e., 'further searching', it obviously leads to repeti­tive work. But this repetitive work must be driven by some fundamental aims of the researcher. In this article, the au­thors try to address this conflict between repetitive research and fundamental research in light of the never-ending jour­ney of benzoin condensation, which has continued for 150 years. With the help of this example, it can be established that the fundamental outcome of the research can be achieved via a continuous extension of the research process.

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