• Nandivada Rathnasree

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    • Jantar Mantar Observatories as Teaching Laboratories for Positional Astronomy

      Nandivada Rathnasree

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      The four extant Jantar Mantar observatories at Delhi, Jaipur,Ujjain,and Varanasi have tremendous potential as teachinglaboratories of positional astronomy. They could be utilisedin this direction in their current state, but this possibility wouldbe considerably enhanced when all the necessary restorationsare undertaken, interpretation centers are in place at all theobservatories, and there is a continuous presence of astronomyeducators, amateur astronomers, and students undertakingobservations with these intriguing and user-friendlyinstruments. Student usage and calibration of the instrumentsat the Delhi observatory in particular, where the markingsare mostly absent from every instrument, has alloweda greater appreciation of the possible construction details ofthese gigantic instruments. Templates for restoration andalso for continuous maintenance of the instruments, are emergingfrom these efforts.

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