• Nandini Chatterjee Singh

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    • The Brain on Music

      Nandini Chatterjee Singh Hymavathy Balasubramanian

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      Permeating across societies and cultures, music is a companionto millions across the globe. Despite being an abstractart form, music affects all of us deeply, encouraging us in periodsof difficulty, comforting us in moments of sadness andcelebrating with us in times of joy. In recent years, neuroscientistshave recognized that listening to and producing musicinvolves a tantalizing mix of practically every human cognitivefunction. Thus, music has emerged as an invaluable toolto study varying aspects of the human brain such as auditoryand motor perception and learning, attention, memory, andemotion. In this paper, we will discuss the different attributesof music and the neural structures associated with them. Wewill also highlight some recent work in our laboratory at theNational Brain Research Centre in India on emotions associatedwith Hindustani r¯aga music.

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