• N Dastagiri Reddy

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    • Chlorine and the Chemistry of Disinfectants: A Fascinating Journey—18th Century to the COVID Times

      N Dastagiri Reddy Anil J Elias

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      The onset of COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly rendered disinfectants an essential class of substances for daily use glob-ally. The demand for different disinfectants has rapidly surged,and it is important that the users of disinfectants are aware of the chemicals present in them, their properties, and how these disinfectants were introduced for public use. The history and development of chlorine-containing disinfectants and their possible modes of action have been explained in this article. The development and current status of hypochlorite-based com-pounds and chlorinated phenol-based compounds as disinfectants are also discussed in detail. The article explores the pros and cons of having chlorine in disinfectants and also looks critically at the future of such disinfectants based on safety and environmental considerations.

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