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    • Luminescent Paint for Air Pressure Sensing

      Lakshmi R V Aruna S T Bharathibai J Basu

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      Luminescent coating, more popularly known as pressure-sensitive paint (PSP) is a relatively new aerodynamic measurement tool for providing a field measurement of pressure over a model surface in wind tunnel testing. It provides information on the flow anomalies present at any point on the surface, unlike the discrete data from pressure taps. The technique is based on the principle of dynamic luminescence quenching of luminescent molecules present in the paint by oxygen molecules. PSP coating comprises luminescent sensor molecules embedded in an oxygen-permeable binder. On illumination with light of an appropriate wavelength, the coat-ing exhibits luminescence. The luminescence of the PSP coat-ing is inversely related to the surface pressure on the coated model. This article discusses these aspects in detail and provides an overview of the work carried out in this direction across the world.

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