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    • Earthquakes as Expressions of Tectonic Activity Sources, Types and Examples

      Kusala Rajendran

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      Earthquakes occur as the natural outcome of the processesthat govern a dynamic planet, one that supports plate motions.The internal structure of the Earth that can sustain theconvective flow of the mantle and the presence of a strong,fractured outer shell, the lithosphere that can glide over theunderlying asthenosphere are important components of theplate tectonic framework, and therefore, the global distributionof earthquakes. With an introduction to the ideas of platetectonics and earthquake terminology, this article introducesthe significance of the India-Eurasia plate boundary and itsseismic productivity. The most active continent-continent collisionboundary on the Earth defined by the Himalaya andthe Andaman-Sumatra subduction zone are part of this plateboundary. Parts of the Indian continental interior regions arealso noted for some destructive earthquakes. This article providesa brief overview of the background processes, terminology,and some highlights on Indian earthquakes studies, andpoints to academic opportunities in the area of earthquakestudies.

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