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    • The Nature of Time

      J V Narlikar

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      This article is about the unidirectionality of time. We ex-perience it in daily life and are conscious of the fact that time past is time irreversibly lost. Why is it that we can go back and forth in space but not in time? This time asym-metry can be related to basic physics by a rather ingenious approach. This was initiated by two scientists John Wheeler and Richard Feynman. In 1945, they explored how classical electrodynamics can be described as an action at a distance theory instead of field theory. This makes the formulation necessarily time-symmetric. Later in 1962–63 Jack Hogarth and later Fred Hoyle and this author showed that this ap-proach makes it possible to explain the alignment of three arrows of time: thermodynamic, electrodynamic, and cos-mological. Later work by Hoyle and I extended the idea to full-scale quantum electrodynamics.

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