• Ghosh Indranil

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    • Quantum Game Theory – I: A Comprehensive Study

      Ghosh Indranil

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      Quantum computation has grown into a successful field ofresearch during the last few decades. Parallelly the field ofgame theory has also evolved, resulting in the pursuit of quantumgame theory. Works on this interdisciplinary field fromearly researchers like David A. Meyer, J. Eisert, M. Wilkens,A. Iqbal, E. Piotrowski, J. Orlin Grabbe, Adrian P. Flitney,and Derek Abbott are highly recommended. This article presentsan introductory review of studies on understanding the workflowof quantum game-theoreticmodels along with their computersimulations. It starts with an introduction to game theoryand quantum computation, followed by theoretical analysesof the classical and quantum versions of three game theorymodels—the penny flip game, prisoner’s dilemma, andthe two-person duel, supported by their simulation results.The simulations are carried out by writing Python codes thathelp us analyze the models. We will be able to understandthe differences in the behaviors of both versions of the gamemodels from the analyses.

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