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    • Teaching and Learning Genetics Graphical Representation Standards for Organic Chemistry Script: IUPAC Recommendation 2008

      Dhatrak N R

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      In this article, we will acquaint ourselves with IUPAC repre-sentation standards in organic chemistry. Most of the chem-istry is expressed through graphical representations, and there-fore, molecular structures shall be sketched carefully so that the drawing conveys exact and desired meaning. There are specific rules and regulations governing the graphical repre-sentations in chemistry. Less literature is available for this purpose, but the importance of the topic can be well under-stood after knowing that the division of chemical nomencla-ture and structure representation of IUPAC has published the Graphical Representation Standards for Chemical Structures in 2008 comprising 134 pages. The present article focuses on the etiquettes of structure drawings along with a summary in brief about the IUPAC 2008 recommendations in perspectives of organic chemistry.

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