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    • Rise of the Superbugs: What We Need to Know: Overview of Antimicrobial Resistance

      Durba Sengupta Anu Raghunathan

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      Bacteria often cause infections, and we take antibiotics to help us recover. Antibiotics are like magic pills that have saved millions of lives. However, the overuse of antibiotics is now making bacteria evolve fast and evade these antibiotics. A few bacteria like the purple one in the petri plate (Figure 1) have evolved a way to dodge and not get killed by one particular kind of antibiotic. The day might come soon when not a single antibiotic would work, and we could die of even tiny paper cuts. In this article, we discuss what antibiotics are, how they target bacteria, and why bacteria are suddenly becoming resistant to antibiotics. We include a list of ten points that each of us must follow and a pledge for everyone to take, to help stop the spread of antibiotic resistance. A small questionnaire is included that we would like you all to answer. Together we can win the battle against antibiotic resistance.

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