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      Articles written in Resonance – Journal of Science Education

    • The Explosive Chemistry of Nitrogen: A Fascinating Journey From 9th Century to the Present

      Dheeraj Kumar Anil J Elias

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      The chemistry behind explosives is marked with the omnipresenceof the element nitrogen. The discovery of the explosiveproperties of nitrogen-based compounds comprises many interestingand serendipitous observations made by inquisitivescientists. In this article, we unravel the fascinating historybehind the development of explosives from the 9th century tothe present. Every country with an army keeps on upgradingthe sharpness and power of their arsenal, and in this regard,the role played by the chemists in developing new explosives,and the chemistry behind these explosives are explained inthis article. The basic chemical properties of explosives, theirclassification, comparison and methods of evaluation are explained.The current status of research in making new explosivesand the challenges involved in making explosive polynitrogencompounds such as pentazolates and pentazenium arealso illustrated.

    • How Did the Fluoride Get Into Your Toothpaste? The Chemistry Behind Adding Fluoride in Dentifrices for Preventing Dental Decay

      Anil J Elias

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      Fluoride is one of the main ingredients of modern toothpasteand has a proven record of preventing dental decay, especiallyamong children. The history, need and development ofadding fluoride based inorganic compounds in the toothpastefor preventing dental decay is presented in this article. Thefine balance required for maintaining healthy teeth and at thesame time preventing dental and skeletal fluorosis by controllingthe amount of fluoride intake is discussed. The chemistrybehind prevention of dental decay by fluoride in relationto the minerals hydroxyapatite and fluorapatite is presented.The requirement of soluble calcium in the diet and its role inremoving excess fluoride when consumed is highlighted.

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