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    • Condensation of Water Vapour in Ambient Atmosphere Under Applied Pressure at Room Temperature: A Demonstration Experiment

      Amit R Morarka

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      The article demonstrates the condensation of water vapourunder pressure and at room temperature, using a disposablesyringe and an ambient light source. The small amount oftrapped water vapour inside a syringe along with the air iscompressedmanually to one-sixth of its original volume. Thecompressedwater vapour inside the syringe can be easily seenin the form of a white condensate on the inner side of thetransparent, circular wall of the syringe. The condensatecloud can be observed in the atmosphere by releasing it in theopen air while holding the syringe in front of a light sourceover a dark background. This model can be used as an analogousexperiment while explaining the concept of condensationof gases under pressure – from school to postgraduatestudents.

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