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    • A search for charged massive long-lived particles at D0

      Sudeshna Banerjee for the D0 Collaboration

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      Results are presented on a search for charged massive long-lived particles (CMLLPs), based on 5.2 fb-1 of integrated luminosity collected with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron $p\bar{p}$ collider. This search selects events in which one or more particles are reconstructed as muons but their speed and ionization energy loss (d𝐸/d𝑥) are different from muons produced in beam–beam collisions. CMLLPs have been predicted by several theories of physics beyond the Standard Model. In this search we exclude pair-produced long-lived gaugino-like charginos with masses below 251 GeV and higgsino-like charginos with masses below 230 GeV at 95% CL, as well as long-lived stop quarks with masses below 265 GeV. We place cross-section limits on long-lived staus as 0.04 to 0.006 pb for stau masses in the range 100 to 300 GeV.

    • Search for anomalous $W \;tb$ couplings in single top quark production at D0

      Jyoti Joshi Suman Beri for the D0 Collaboration

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      The large mass of the top quark, close to the electroweak symmetry-breaking scale, makes it a good candidate for probing physics beyond the Standard Model, including possible anomalous couplings. D0 has made measurements of single top quark production using 5.4 fb-1 of integrated luminosity. The data are examined to study the Lorentz structure of the $W tb$ coupling. It is found that the data prefer the left-handed vector coupling and set upper limits on the anomalous couplings.

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