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    • Leptonic flavor and CP violation

      Yuval Grossman

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      Recent neutrino oscillation data teach us that the neutrinos have masses and that they mix. We discuss two ways that can be used to probe other non-standard leptonic physics. We show that non-standard neutrino interaction can be probed in neutrino oscillation experiments and discuss sneutrino-antisneutrino mixing.

    • Realistic split fermion models

      Yuval Grossman Gilad Perez

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      The standard model flavor structure can be explained in theories where the fermions are localized on different points in a compact extra dimension. We explain how models with two bulk scalars compactified on an orbifold can produce such separations in a natural way. We show that, generically, models of Gaussian overlaps are unnatural since they require very large Yukawa couplings between the fermions and the bulk scalars. We present a two-scalar model that accounts naturally for the quark flavor parameters and in particular yields order one CP violating phase.

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