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    • Quark see-saw, Higgs mass and vacuum stability

      R N Mohapatra Yongchao Zhangi

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      The issue of vacuum stability of standard model (SM) is discussed by embedding it within the TeV scale left–right quark see-saw model. The Higgs potential in this case has only two coupling parameters (𝜆1, 𝜆2) and two mass parameters. There are only two physical neutral Higgs bosons (ℎ, 𝐻), the lighter one being identified with the 126 GeV Higgs boson. We explore the range of values for (𝜆1, 𝜆2) for which the vacuum is stable for all values of the Higgs fields till 1016 GeV. Combining with the further requirement that the scalar self-couplings remain perturbative till 1016 GeV, we find

      an upper and lower limit on the second Higgs (𝐻) mass to be within the range: 0.4 ≤ (MH/vR) ≤ 0.7, where vR is the parity breaking scale and

      the masses of heavy vector-like top, bottom and 𝜏 partner fermions (𝑃3, 𝑁3, 𝐸3) have an upper bound ≤vR. These predictions can be tested at LHC and future higher energy colliders.

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