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    • Searching for Higgs bosons of minimal supersymmetry

      Xerxes Tata

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      After a brief introduction, we study the constraints on MSSM the Higgs sector parameters from the non-observation of any Higgs boson signals in experiments at LEP. We also review the range of Higgs boson masses that can be searched for at LEP 200. For the most part, we focus on the prospects for the detection of MSSM Higgs bosons in experiments at hadron supercolliders, assuming that these are too heavy to be discovered at LEP 200. We then show that supersymmetric decays of Higgs bosons can significantly reduce the rates for event topologies usually used for Higgs searches. Finally, we discuss some promising new channels for MSSM Higgs boson detection that become possible if these SUSY decays are allowed.

    • Unraveling supersymmetry at future colliders

      Xerxes Tata

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      After a quick review of the current limits on sparticle masses, we outline the prospects for their discovery at future colliders. We then proceed to discuss how precision measurements of sparticle masses can provide information about how SM superpartners acquire their masses. Finally, we examine how we can proceed to establish whether or not any new physics discovered in the future is supersymmetry, and describe how we might zero in on the framework of SUSY breaking. In this connection, we review sparticle mass measurements at future colliders, and point out that some capabilities of experiments ate+e linear colliders may have been over-stated in the literature.

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