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    • Stability of quark gluon plasma to nielsen-olesen mode

      Vishnu M Bannur Predhiman K Kaw

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      Nielsen and Olesen showed that perturbative vacuum with uniform chromomagnetic field in one space and one color direction is unstable. This instability is called Nielsen-Olesen instability (NOI), and leads to formation of a ‘spaghetti of flux tubes’ as a model for non-perturbative vacuum and confinement. We re-examine this instability in presence of color sources, quarks and gluons, at a finite temperature and find that at sufficiently high temperature NOI is stabilized due to an ‘effective mass’ of gluons arising through plasma effects. This explains how a QGP with no confinement effects may exist at high temperature. As the temperature is lowered, NOI reappears at a valueT=Tc, which is very close to confinement-deconfinement transition from hadrons to QGP..

    • Neutrino beam plasma instability

      Vishnu M Bannur

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      We derive relativistic fluid set of equations for neutrinos and electrons from relativistic Vlasov equations with Fermi weak interaction force. Using these fluid equations, we obtain a dispersion relation describing neutrino beam plasma instability, which is little different from normal dispersion relation of streaming instability. It contains new, nonelectromagnetic, neutrino-plasma (or electroweak) stable and unstable modes also. The growth of the instability is weak for the highly relativistic neutrino flux, but becomes stronger for weakly relativistic neutrino flux in the case of parameters appropriate to the early universe and supernova explosions. However, this mode is dominant only for the beam velocity greater than 0.25c and in the other limit electroweak unstable mode takes over.

    • Relativisitic longitudinal non-Abelian oscillations in quark-antiquark plasma

      Vishnu M Bannur

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      We study the relativistic version of the non-Abelian, longitudinal wave in quark-antiquark plasma reported earlier by Bhat et al [Phys. Rev.D39, 649 (1989)]. We have also relaxed various approximations they made in their analysis. Both the quark and antiquark dynamics are taken in our analysis. The non-linearity arising from non-Abelian field as well as from plasma are included. Hence it is an exact longitudinal mode in relativistic quark-antiquark plasma, relevant to the study of quark gluon plasma. We find that earlier results are reproduced for non-relativistic and low amplitude oscillations, but are modified for relativistic or large amplitude waves. Further more, the above results are based on just four first-order equations for gauge invariant quantities derived from gauge covariant twelve first-order equations.

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