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    • Isothermal compressibility and sound velocity of binary liquid systems: Application of hard sphere models

      J D Pandey P Jain V Vyas

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      Sound velocity and density were measured in six binary liquid mixtures namely,n-heptane+toluene (I);n-heptane+n-hexane (II); toluene+n-hexane (III); cyclohexane+n-heptane (IV); cyclohexane+n-hexane (V), andn-decane+n-hexane (VI) at 298.15 K. The experimental isothermal compressibility has been evaluated from measured values of density and sound velocity. The isothermal compressibility of these mixtures has been calculated theoretically using different models for the hard sphere equation of state and also using Flory’s statistical theory. The computed values of isothermal compressibility were also compared with the experimentally evaluated values. A satisfactory agreement has been observed.

    • Excess molar volumes and isentropic compressibilities of binary liquid mixtures containing n-alkanes at 298.15 K

      V Vyas T Nautiyal

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      Excess molar volumes (VE) and deviation in isentropic compressibilities (Δβs) have been investigated from the density ρ and speed of sound u measurements of six binary liquid mixtures containing n-alkanes over the entire range of composition at 298.15 K. Excess molar volume exhibits inversion in sign in one binary mixture, i.e., n-heptane + n-hexane. Remaining five binary mixtures, n-heptane + toluene, cyclohexane + n-heptane, cyclohexane + n-hexane, toluene + n-hexane and n-decane + n-hexane show negative excess molar volumes over the whole composition range. However, the large negative values of excess molar volume becomes domainant in toluene + n-hexane mixture. Deviation in isentropic compressibility is negative over the whole range of composition in the case of all the six binary mixtures. Existence of specific intermolecular interactions in the mixtures has been analyzed in terms of excess molar volume and deviation in isentropic compressibility.

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