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    • Three-body formalism for deuteron stripping reactions

      V S Mathur Priyadarshini Padhy

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      A three-body formalism for deuteron stripping reactions has been developed. The equations of Altet al (1967) (AGS) for the three particle system (target A, n, p) are reduced to a set of coupled one-dimensional integral equations with the use of (i) angular momentum basis for representation and (ii) separable approximation for the two bodyt-matrices (which delineate the interactions between the particle pairs). The on-shell solutions of this set of integral equations are then related to the cross sections of the rearrangement processes. The inputs in this calculation, viz., the separable interactions between the particle pairs in the respective channels are simply constructed from the respective two body bound state in accordance with the bound state approximation (BSA) conforming to the ‘unitarity’ requirement. Using this formalism preliminary calculations for the (d, p) and (d, n) reaction cross sections on16O have been carried out and they seem to have considerable semblance with the observed cross sections.

    • Conservation of channel spin in transfer reactions

      V S Mathur Anjana Acharya

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      The conservation of channel spin implying that the spin of the initial bound pair coupled to that of the initial free particle should result in the same channel spin as the spin of the final bound pair coupled to the spin of the final free particle, follows as a consequence of three-body theory of transfer reactions with the assumption of separability of two-bodyt-matrix. To test the validity of this principle we look at the experimental data on stripping reactions on even-even nuclei. We find that although reactions to channels not conforming to channel spin conservation are not altogether ruled out, the cross-sections of reactions violating channel spin conservation are much smaller than those conforming to channel spin conservation.

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