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    • Relative strengths of the competing multipoles in the K and L series x-ray spectra in theNR limit

      V S Edlabadkar Chintamani Mande

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      For most of the transitions of theK andL series x-ray spectra the ratio of the contributions of the competing multipoles, δ2, is independent of the radial matrix element in the non-relativistic limit. In the present paper calculations of δ2 are made in the non-relativistic limit which give the relative strengths of the two closely competing electric and magnetic multipoles. The dominant mode in the emission processes of the transitions in theK andL series x-ray spectra has been assigned on the basis of these calculations.

    • Ray tracing studies of a complete plane grating monochromator beam line

      V S Edlabadkar Ashok Pimpale

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      Optical design of a plane grating monochromator beam line for X-ray spectroscopic studies to be installed on INDUS-1 is studied using ray tracing technique. The main components of the beam line are pre- and post-elliptical mirrors and the plane mirror-grating dispersing system. The ideal positions of the optical components are decided by using our analytical formulation of the Riemer’s kinetic principle for reflecting synchrotron radiation onto the same spot of the dispersing grating. The program is developed indigenously and can be used on a PC. The tangent error and microroughness of the mirrors is explicitly accounted for in the program. The wavelength dependent absorption of radiation at the different reflecting surfaces is also included for calculations of the optical throughput. The dependence of the final image line shape and resolution on various beam line parameters is calculated. The results are useful in deciding the tolerances of the various beam line components and their positions.

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