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    • Coherent pion-photoproduction by deuterons at intermediate energies

      V S Bhasin V K Gupta J D Anand

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      Non-relativistically exact single scattering calculations for coherent pion photoproduction by deuterons at intermediate photon energies (200 MeV to 500 MeV) are presented. For the two-bodyγNπN process we use the well-known dispersion theoretic model by Chewet al and for the deuteron wave-functions we employ the Yamaguchi and the two term Gaussian wave-function. We find that while both the wavefunctions reproduce the deuteron e.m. form factor reasonably well, the results for the pion photoproduction cross-section show, however, a sensitive dependence on their detailed forms. The angular distributions at various energies are found to have considerable variations from the usual impulse approximation calculations but tend to improve the agreement with the data in a large kinematical region.

    • Nucleon-nucleon interaction with tensor forces in the quark compound bag model

      P Basu V K Gupta V S Bhasin

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      A model forN-N interaction proposed earlier by two of us (VSB and VKG), has been extended to incorporate the tensor component of the nuclear force. Based on the quark compound bag model (QCB), the nucleon-nucleon potential has a short range repulsive core which is non-local and has a characteristic energy dependence and is expressed in terms of the parameters relating to the six-quark compound bag. To account for the low energy properties, this repulsive core interaction is supplemented by a phenomenological non-local potential containing both central (S-wave) and tensor components and operates only outside the QCB. Using this model, we analyse and compare the results with the experimental data for the electromagnetic form factors of the deuteron, theD-state observables, such as the quadrupole moment, theD-state probability, and theD/S ratio along with then-p scattering phase shifts up to about 400 MeV.

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