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    • Shape of spectrum with ensemble of 2-body random hamiltonians

      V Potbhare

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      Monte-Carlo calculations ind-s shell space have been done using two-body random interactions, to obtain ensemble-averagem-particle scalar moments up to fourth order. A shift of the spectrum shape from semi-circle to Gaussian with respect to the increase in number of particles can be clearly seen in terms of the ensemble-averaged fourth moment.

    • Eigenvalue density for ensemble of 2-body random hamiltonians with non-zero mean for matrix elements

      V Potbhare V K B Kota

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      We obtain an expression for the ensemble-averaged moments inm-particle space of 2-body random Hamiltonians with same non-zero mean for the matrix elements, in the limit ofN → ∞,m ≫ 2. The eigenvalue density function can then be immediately obtained in terms of the eigenvalue density (a Gaussian whenm ≫ 2) for zero mean ensembles. The results of Monte-Carlo calculations for iso-scalar rotationally invariant 2-body ensembles have also been given.

    • Inverse energy weighted sum-rules

      V K B Kota V Potbhare P Shenoy N Tressler

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      A new derivation of the inverse energy-weighted sum-rules is given by applying the spectral distribution methods to the Rayleigh-Schrodinger perturbation theory. The scalar space result is then extended to the configurations. This is applied to obtain corrections to the ground-state energy estimates when the effective interaction is approximated by a model Hamiltonian obtained by taking linear combinations of various parts of the pairing and the Q.Q operators.

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