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    • Anomalous conversion in the decay of197mHg

      S Bhuloka Reddy D Sudhakara Reddy K L Narasimham B V Thirumala Rao V Lakshminarayana

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      The total andK-shell conversion coefficients of the 165 keV transition in the decay of197mHg are determined from intensity balance considerations and a coincidence technique using a Ge(Li)—NaI (Tl) system respectively. The resultant values areaT=274.8±19.2 andaK=47±12, whil the corresponding theoretical values are 344 and 77 respectively, indicating anomalous conversion. The gamma ray transition probability however, shows a hindrance of only about 6 and cannot be correlated with the present anomalous conversion data. TheK/L ratio of the 130 keV transition, determined using a summing method with a Ge(Li) detector, yielded 0.090±0.012, while the corresponding theoretical value is 0.048, indicating anomalous conversion. The corresponding gamma transition probability shows a hindrance of about 3000, in correlation with anomalous conversion.

    • Total toK-shell photoelectric cross section ratios in Zr, Ag, Ta, and Th

      K Sivasankara Rao V Radha Krishna Murty K Parthasaradhi J Rama Rao V Lakshminarayana

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      Total photon atomic cross sections in elements Zr, Ag, Ta and Th were determined around theirK-edges in the energy region 6 to 400 keV with a good geometry set-up using proportional counter or Ge(Li) detector system. From these values the photoelectric cross sections were obtained by subtracting the theoretical values of coherent and incoherent scattering cross sections. The resulting photoelectric cross sections were fitted to curves above and below theK-edge for each element and extrapolated on either side and the total toK-shell photoelectric cross section ratios were determined with an error not exceeding 2%. The ratios were compared with the theoretical values obtained by Grodstein and others, as also from the empirical relation of Hubbell. The present values show good agreement with those of Scofield. A definite trend of decrease of the ratio as the energy increases is observed in the case of Th unlike in the previous experimental studies.

    • Incoherent scattering functions of 145 keV gamma rays by K-shell electrons in Y, Ag and Au

      A Raghava Rao SS Ramana Reddy K Premchand K L Narasimham K Parthasaradhi V Lakshminarayana

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      The values of incoherent scattering functions are determined experimentally for 145 keV gamma rays in elements Au, Ag and Y at scattering angles 40°, 70° and 100°, using a x-ray gamma coincidence technique. The corresponding theoretical values are obtained from the tabulations of Hubbellet al, and computed from the models of Jauch and Rohrlich and Shimizuet al. A comparison between the theoretical and experimental results showed that the non-relativistic approach adopted in the theory of Shimizuet al is inapplicable to the present cases. A gross agreement is noticed between the present experimental results and the other theoretical values.

    • Photoelectric cross-sections of light elements and compounds at low photon energies

      K S R Sarma K L Narasimham K Premchand S Bhuloka Reddy K Parthasaradhi V Lakshminarayana

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      Total photon mass attenuation coefficients in C, Al, S, Ti, B2O3, LiF, ZnO, Y2O3 and H8O2C5 (perspex) are measured on a good geometry set-up using proportional counter, Si(Li) and Ge(Li) detecting systems in the energy region from 6.47 to 52.014 keV employing x-rays and gamma rays from radioactive sources. The deduced photoelectric cross-sections are found to agree with the theoretical values of Storm and Israel, Scofield and semiexperimental values of Veigele wherever available within a few percent. The photo-electric cross-sections in elements, S, Ti and Y at their respectiveK-edges obtained by extrapolation technique agree with the theoretical values of Storm and Israel and Scofield at the respectiveK-edges except in S. In the case of S both the theoretical values atK-edges are found to be underestimations, more in the case of Scofield evaluations.

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