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    • A band-mixing Hartree-Fock model for62Zn

      D R Kulkarni V L Narasimham S P Pandya

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      Energy levels and electromagnetic transitions in62Zn have been calculated using band-mixing formalism in the framework of deformed Hartree-Fock theory. Matrix elements of Adjusted-Surface Delta Interaction (ASDI) and of Tabakin interaction have been used. Detailed structure of various nuclear states in terms of bands has been discussed. Although the calculated spectra for both the interactions are somewhat compressed as compared to the observed spectra, the ASDI results are in substantially better agreement with experiments. Several additional states of high spin (J>4) have been predicted.B(E2) transitions between inter-band as well as some of the intraband states are calculated to stimulate further experiments.

    • Elastic-scattering cross-section for electrons and positrons from atomic hydrogen

      V L Narasimham A S Ramachandran C S Warke

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      The differential cross-sections of atomic hydrogen for elastic scattering of electrons and positrons have been rederived with the help of a method using a single parameter-dependent unitary shift operator for the calculation of the direct contribution. When the parameter approaches zerc the new method leads to the well-known conventional Glauber results. The numerical calculations include polarization effects and the exchange corrections obtained according to alternative approximation methods. Results calculated with Franco’s exchange show a definite improvement over the earlier results for medium energy electrons at large angles of scattering. Total elastic cross-sections have been calculated for 50 and 100eV electrons and positrons.

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