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    • Electron paramagnetic resonance of Mn2+ and Gd3+ in Pr2Zn3(NO3)12.24 H2O single crystals

      V K Jain T M Srinivasan

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      The electron paramagnetic resonance of Mn2+ and Gd3+ doped in Pr2Zn3(NO3)12.24H2O single crystals has been studied at X-band. Mn2+ substitutes for two Zn2+ sites, while Gd3+ substitutes for single type of Pr3+ sites. The spin-Hamiltonian analysis of the EPR spectra is presented at 298 K as well as 77 K.

    • Hyperfine interaction parameters and ground-state wavefunctions of vanadyl ion complexes

      V P Seth S K Yadav V K Jain

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      Using crystal field approach a theoretical estimate of the ground-state wavefunctions of vanadyl ion doped in various crystals have been made using ESR data and is found to bedxy in our coordinate system with slight admixture of the excited states$$d_{x^2 - y^2 } $$,dxz anddyz. The hyperfine interaction parameterP and Fermi contact coupling parameterK have also been estimated for these vanadyl-doped crystals. Results agree with similar studies made earlier.

    • Dispersion theory relations and charmed baryon couplings

      V P Seth V K Jain S D Pabbi

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      Dispersion theory sum rules proposed by Atkinson have been obtained for the invariant amplitudes of the elastic pion-charmed baryon scattering process. Saturating the sum rules with the known intermediate states, we obtain the pion-charmed baryon coupling constants.

    • Risk evaluation and protection against ionizing radiation

      V K Jain

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      The advent of nuclear reactors ushered in an era of increasing number of sources of ionizing radiations. However, the potential of ionizing radiations to cause harmful effects was recognized soon after the discovery of x-rays and radioactivityi.e. long before the building of nuclear reactors. Therefore, protection against ionizing radiations has been of paramount concern and has guided the development of atomic energy and related fields. The advances in technology in general resulted in an increase in accidents causing injury and death. It was realised that even medicines, food additives and a host of other substances of daily use had injurious side effects. Smoking was found to be extremely harmful. From these emerged the concepts of quantitative and relative risks. This article discusses briefly the concept of riskvis-a-vis ionizing radiations and approaches to protection against them.

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