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    • Phonon dispersion in cubic transition metals: A comparison between Fielek and extended Cheveau models

      V B Gohel A R Jani

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      Phonon dispersion in bcc transition metals has been studied by Fielek and extended Cheveau models. A comparative study of the results shows that the wavy nature of [ξ00]-L branch in the dispersion curves of some metals is due to the long range forces which are well accounted for by the extended Cheveau model but not by the Fielek model. The peculiar behaviour of transverse branches are due to the presence ofd-electrons. It is found that the oscillatingd-shell model of Fielek is fairly good for tungsten, α-iron and molybdenum, but does not give satisfactory description ofd-electron effects in the remaining bcc transition metals.

    • Comparative study of transport properties using transition metal model potential (TMMP) for 16 liquid metals


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      We propose a pseudopotential of Kumar form with two parameters, the core radius $(r_{c})$ and the model radius $(r_{m})$, which in practice is reduced to a single-parameter potential taking rm as the experimental atomic radius. The validity of the presently used pseudopotential is verified by carrying out a detailed study of transport properties of 16 liquid metals. The results of the liquid metal resistivities using the nearly free electron (NFE) Ziman’s approach and the single-site t-matrix approach are presented and compared with the experimental as well as other theoretical findings. Such comparative study confirms that the t-matrix approach is more appropriate and physically sound for a theoretical understanding of liquid metal resistivity, particularly in the case of transition metals. Furthermore, thermoelectric powers are also calculated using the present method and compared with the available experimental and theoretical results.

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