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    • Energy dependence of multiplicity in proton-nucleus collisions and models of multiparticle production

      A Gurtu P K Malhotra I S Mittra P M Sood SC Gupta VK Gupta GL Kaul LK Mangotra Y Prakash NK Rao ML Sharma

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      This is a continuation of our earlier investigation (Gurtuet al 1974Phys. Lett.50 B 391) on multiparticle production in proton-nucleus collisions based on an exposure of emulsion stack to 200 GeV/c beam at the NAL. It is found that the ratioRem = 〈ns〉/〈nch〉, where 〈nch〉 is the charged particle multiplicity in pp-collisions, increases slowly from about 1 at 10 GeV/c to 1·6 at 68 GeV/c and attains a constant value of 1·71 ± 0·04 in the region 200 to 8000 GeV/c. Furthermore,Rem = 1·71 implies an effectiveA-dependence ofRA =A0.18,i.e., a very weak dependence. Predictions ofRem on various models are discussed and compared with the emulsion data. Data seem to favour models of hadron-nucleon collisions in which production of particles takes place through adouble step mechanism,e.g., diffractive excitation, hydrodynamical and energy flux cascade as opposed to models which envisage instantaneous production.

    • Radial oscillations of neutron stars in strong magnetic fields

      VK Gupta Vinita Tuli S Singh JD Anand Ashok Goyal

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      The eigen frequencies of radial pulsations of neutron stars are calculated in a strong magnetic field. At low densities we use the magnetic BPS equation of state (EOS) similar to that obtained by Lai and Shapiro while at high densities the EOS obtained from the relativistic nuclear mean field theory is taken and extended to include strong magnetic field. It is found that magnetized neutron stars support higher maximum mass whereas the effect of magnetic field on radial stability for observed neutron star masses is minimal.

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