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    • Quantum information entropies of ultracold atomic gases in a harmonic trap

      Tutul Biswas Tarun Kanti Ghosh

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      The position and momentum space information entropies of weakly interacting trapped atomic Bose–Einstein condensates and spin-polarized trapped atomic Fermi gases at absolute zero temperature are evaluated. We find that sum of the position and momentum space information entropies of these quantum systems containing 𝑁 atoms confined in a $D(\leq 3)$-dimensional harmonic trap has a universal form as $S^{(D)}_t = N(a D − b ln N)$, where $a \sim 2.332$ and $b = 2$ for interacting bosonic systems and a $a \sim 1.982$ and $b = 1$ for ideal fermionic systems. These results obey the entropic uncertainty relation given by Beckner, Bialynicki-Birula and Myceilski.

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