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    • Developments in quantum information processing by nuclear magnetic resonance: Use of quadrupolar and dipolar couplings

      Anil Kumar K V Ramanathan T S Mahesh Neeraj Sinha KVRM Murali

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      Use of dipolar and quadrupolar couplings for quantum information processing (QIP) by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is described. In these cases, instead of the individual spins being qubits, the 2n energy levels of the spin-system can be treated as an n-qubit system. It is demonstrated that QIP in such systems can be carried out using transition-selective pulses, in CH3CN, 13CH3CN, 7Li (I=3/2) and 133Cs (I=7/2), oriented in liquid crystals yielding 2 and 3 qubit systems. Creation of pseudopure states, implementation of logic gates and arithmetic operations (half-adder and subtractor) have been carried out in these systems using transition-selective pulses.

    • Hybrid scheme for factorisation: Factoring 551 using a 3-qubit NMR quantum adiabatic processor


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      Quantum processors are potentially superior to their classical counterparts for many computational tasks including factorisation. Circuit methods as well as adiabatic methods have already been proposed and implemented for finding the factors of a given composite number. The main challenge in scaling it to larger numbers is the unavailability of large number of qubits. Here, we propose a hybrid scheme that involves both classical and quantum computation, based on the previous work of Peng et al, Phys. Rev. Lett. 101(22), 220405 (2008), which reduces the number of qubits required for factorisation. The classical part involves setting up and partially simplifying a set of bit-wise factoring equations and the quantum part involves solving these coupled equations using a quantum adiabatic process. We demonstrate the hybrid scheme by factoring 551 using a 3-qubit NMR quantum register.

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