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    • Temperature dependence of electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power of Bi-Sb tapes prepared by liquid quenching

      T K Dey S K Ghatak

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      Electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power of liquid-quenched Bi-Sb tapes with Sb concentration in the range 8 to 18 at.% are reported between 77K and room temperature. Analysis of the data shows that the total electrical conductivity of these tapes is determined by a temperature-independent component due to band conduction, and a strongly temperature-dependent part due to carrier transport across or through the defect states. These defect states which appear to originate from structural imperfections and disorders due to rapid cooling, are formed close to the mobility edge within a small energy range.

    • Thermodynamic properties of hard ellipsoid square-well fluid

      A K Singh T K Dey S K Sinha

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      The perturbation theory with non-spherical reference system is used for molecular fluid with angle-dependent square-well type potential. Simple analytic expressions are given for the thermodynamic properties such as the equation of state, excess free energy per particle, internal energy and internal heat capacity. The effects of anisotropy on the thermodynamic properties are discussed. The anisotropy effects increase with increase of density and decrease of temperature and depends on the anisotropy parameterx0.

    • Electrical conductivity, thermoelectric power and figure of merit of doped Bi-Sb tapes produced by melt spinning technique

      T K Dey

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      Temperature dependence of electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power are presented for In and Pb doped Bi + 8.28 at % Sb quenched tapes between 77 and 300K. The results are explained in terms of model for disordered semiconductors. Analysis of our data on electrical conductivity indicates the presence of a temperature independent part and a strongly temperature dependent part. While theT independent part originates from band conduction, theT dependent component could be understood considering the presence of localized states. Thermoelectric figure-of-merit of these tapes are also measured at 300K, which shows a large enhancement (∼40%) over that reported earlier on thin Bi-Sb films. This suggests that doped Bi-Sb quenched tapes may be considered as a candidate for material in producing economic and light weight thermoelectric devices.

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