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    • Critical properties of nitrobenzene solutions by electric conductivity method

      B Matuszewska T Hilczer

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      Electric conductivity of nitrobenzene soluted inn-hexane,n-heptane andn-octane was studied in constant and alternative field. Phase coexistence curves were determined together with the critical temperature, critical concentration and critical exponentβ for each of the systems. The measurements were performed in the temperature rangeTs <T < (Ts + 10)K and for the concentrations of nitrobenzene between 0·2 ≲x2 ≲ 0·7 molar fraction.

    • Dielectric polarization of the solutions of nitrotoluene and cyclohexane

      M Śliwińska-Bartkowiak B Szurkowski T Hilczer

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      Dielectric properties of the solutions of nitrotoluene in cyclohexane showing a far pre-critical state are discussed. Dipolar polarization of the solutions was calculated on the lines of the Onsager model of local field, while the energy of interdipolar interactions was calculated with the help of the dipole-dipole coupling model given by Piekara. The character of interdipolar interactions in the solutions studied was found to be analogous to those in critical solutions at the temperatures from 10 to 20 K higher than the critical temperature.

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