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    • Relaxation behaviour of a biased two-level system, in metals in the weak damping limit

      Tabish Qureshi Sushanta Dattagupta

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      The dynamic properties of a biased two-level system in contact with a dissipative bath are studied in the weak coupling limit using a resolvent expansion method. The theory yields consistent results at low temperatures, a regime in which the widely used dilute bounce gas approximation (DBGA) to an underlying functional integral expression breaks down. The present results are however equivalent to a recently adapted functional integral technique that goes beyond the DBGA. The calculated expressions are relevant for analyzing the neutron scattering data on tunneling of light interstitials, e.g., hydrogen, in metals, at very low temperatures.

    • Cosmology with rolling tachyon

      M Sami Pravabati Chingangbam Tabish Qureshi

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      We examine the possibility of rolling tachyon to play the dual role of inflaton at early epochs and dark matter at late times. We argue that enough inflation can be generated with the rolling tachyon either by invoking the large number of branes or brane world assisted inflation. However, reheating is problematic in this model.

    • Quantum eraser for three-slit interference


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      It is well known that in a two-slit interference experiment, if the information, on which of the two paths the particle followed, is stored in a quantum path detector, the interference is destroyed. However, in a set-up where this path information is ‘erased’, the interference can reappear. Such a set-up is known as a quantum eraser. A generalization of quantum eraser to a ‘three-slit’ interference is theoretically analysed. It is shown that three complementary interference patterns can arise out of the quantum erasing process.

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