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    • Simultaneous catalytic regime of tritium and helium-3 in D–D fusion without external breeding

      M Mahdavi T Koohrokhi

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      A catalytic regime of tritium and helium-3 in deuterium–deuterium fusion, including ion–electron collisions, mechanical expansion, bremsstrahlung radiation, inverse Compton scattering losses and reacting particles energy effect has been investigated. In this paper a new fuel configuration, DT$_{x}$ 3He$_{y}$, is formed by adding 3He to DT fuel. According to our calculations this fuel (DT$_{x=0.0112}$ 3He$_{y=0.0399}$) has greater energy gain than the fuel (DT$_{x=0.0112}$) used by Eliezer et al [Eliezer et al, Nucl. Fusion 40, 195 (2000)] and also it does not require external tritium and helium-3 breeding. Furthermore, neutron yields in D–D and D–T reactions are reduced due to the reduced quantity of initial amount of deuterium and tritium.

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