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    • Low energyK+ scattering onN =Z nuclei

      Swapan Das Arun K Jain

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      The data for the total cross-section ofK+ scattering on various nuclei have been analysed in the Glauber multiple scattering theory. Energy-dependentK+-nucleus optical potential is generated using the forwardK+-nucleon scattering amplitude and the nuclear density distribution. Along with this, the calculated totalK+-nucleus cross-sections using the effectiveK+-nucleon crosssection inside the nucleus are also presented.

    • (γ, π0γ) reaction on a nucleus in the GeV region

      Swapan Das

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      π0γ invariant mass distribution spectrum has been calculated for the (γ, π0γ) reaction on12C nucleus at 2.5 GeV beam energy. These π0 and γ are assumed to originate due to the decay of vector mesons produced in the photonuclear reaction. The nuclear medium effect on vector mesons and the effect of π0 rescattering on the π0γ invariant mass spectrum have been investigated

    • $\omega (\rightarrow \pi^{+} \pi^{-} \pi^{0})$ meson photoproduction on proton

      Swapan Das

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      The cross-section for the $\pi^{+} \pi^{-} \pi^{0}$ invariant mass distribution in the $\gamma p$ reaction in the GeV region is calculated. This reaction is assumed to proceed through the formation of the 𝜔-meson in the intermediate state, because the production cross-section for this meson in the $\gamm p$ reaction in the GeV region is significant and it has a large branching ratio (88.8%) in the $\pi^{+} \pi^{−} \pi^{0}$ channel. The cross-sections for this reaction are calculated using the energy-dependent reaction amplitude, $f_{\gamma p \rightarrow \omega p (0)$, extracted from the latest 𝜔-meson photoproduction data. We use established procedure to calculate other factors, like width and propagator of the 𝜔-meson, so that our calculation can provide reliable cross-section. The calculated results reproduce the measured $\pi^{+} \pi^{-} \pi^{0}$ invariant mass distribution spectra in the $\gamma p$ reaction.

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