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    • Recent developments in Mathematics and Quantum Field Theory

      Sunil Mukhi

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    • Understanding fields using strings: A review

      Sunil Mukhi

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      In addition to being a prime candidate for a fundamental unified theory of all interactions in nature, string theory provides a natural setting to understand gauge field theories. This is linked to the concept of ‘D-branes’: extended, solitonic excitations of string theory which can be studied using techniques of string theory and which support gauge fields localized along their world-volumes. It follows that the techniques of string theory can be very useful even for those particle physicists who are not specifically interested in unification and/or quantum gravity. In this talk I attempt to review how strings help us to understand fields. The discussion is restricted to 3+1 spacetime dimensions.

    • Star products from commutative string theory

      Sunil Mukhi

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      A boundary-state computation is performed to obtain derivative corrections to the Chern-Simons coupling between a p-brane and the RR gauge potential Cp−3. We work to quadratic order in the gauge field strength F, but all orders in derivatives. In a certain limit, which requires the presence of a constant B-field background, it is found that these corrections neatly sum up into the *2 product of (commutative) gauge fields. The result is in agreement with a recent prediction using noncommutativity.

    • Developments in high energy theory

      Sunil Mukhi Probir Roy

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      This non-technical review article is aimed at readers with some physics back-ground, including beginning research students. It provides a panoramic view of the main theoretical developments in high energy physics since its inception more than half a century ago, a period in which experiments have spanned an enormous range of energies, theories have been developed leading up to the Standard Model, and proposals – including the radical paradigm of String Theory – have been made to go beyond the Standard Model. The list of references provided here is not intended to properly credit all original work but rather to supply the reader with a few pointers to the literature, specifically highlighting work done by Indian authors.

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