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    • Scaling of differential cross-section in high energy proton-helium scattering

      Sunachand Patel

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      Possible occurrence of scaling of differential cross-section for high energy hadronnucleus elastic scattering is demonstrated takingp-4He scattering as an example and using three well-known scaling variables proposed earlier for hadron-hadron scattering. The available data on differential cross-section ratio betweenElab=45 and 393 GeV are found to scale in all the three variables reasonably well and the positions of the dip and the secondary maximum are found to follow the predicted patterns of behaviour as a function of energy. Extrapolating the fits to the available slope-parameter data onto higher energies and using the scaling curves, the positions of the dip and the secondary maximum and the differential cross-section ratio as a function of |t| are predicted for higher energies.

    • Chou-Yang model and predictions for high-energy pion-deuteron scattering

      Sunachand Patel M K Parida

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      Using fits to the available data on the pion and deuteron electromagnetic form factors and the Chou-Yang model, the computed values of differential cross-sections for high-energy pion-deuteron elastic scattering agree reasonably well with the available experimental data. Whereas only a shoulder is expected to appear up to energies of several hundreds of GeV, a dip and a secondary maximum are predicted to be conspicuous only forPlab≫400 GeV/C. The position of the dip starts at a much lower value, |td| ≅ 0.5–0.6 GeV2, as compared to the corresponding position in thepp scattering. The positions of the first dip are plotted against total cross-section which can be verified by future high-energy experiments. Limitations of the model predictions for ultrahigh energies are pointed out.

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