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    • Magnetic structure of (Fe0.97Cr0.03)2P

      Sudhish Kumar S K Paranjpe Bipin K Srivastava Anjali Krishnamurthy V C Sahni

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      Magnetic behaviour of di-metal iron phosphide with a small substitution of iron by chromium, (Fe0.97Cr0.03)2P, has been studied using SQUID magnetometry and powder neutron diffraction. It is paramagnetic at temperatures above ∼180 K with persisting short range ferromagnetic (FM) order. At lower temperatures three different regions of magnetic behaviour are identified. FM order evolves in the region 180 K-120 K but much more slowly and with much less magnetic moments than in Fe2P. In the region 120 K-50 K negative exchange interactions gain some importance leading to a loss of FM order. Below 50 K FM interactions again dominate. Pinning centres influence the behaviour at low temperature up to ∼100 K.

    • Magnetic behaviour of nano-particles of Fe2.9Zn0.1O4

      Subhash Chander Sudhish Kumar Anjali Krishnamurthy Bipin K Srivastava V K Aswal

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      DC magnetization measurements are reported in the temperature range 20–100 K on a poly-disperse nano-particle sample of the spinel ferrite Fe2.9Zn0.1O4 with a log-normal size distribution of median diameter 43.6 Å and standard deviation 0.58. Outside a core of ordered spins, moments in surface layer are disordered. Results also show some similarities with conventional spin glasses. Blocking temperature exhibits a near linear variation with two-third power of the applied magnetic field and magnetizationM evolves nearly linearly with logarithm of timet. Magnetic anisotropy has been estimated by analysing theM-logt curve. Anisotropy values show a large increase over that of bulk particle samples. Major contribution to this enhancement comes from the disordered surface spins.

    • Magnetization and neutron diffraction studies on FeCrP

      Sudhish Kumar Anjali Krishnamurthy Bipin K Srivastava A Das S K Paranjpe

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      Crystal structure and magnetic behaviour of FeCrP have been investigated using magnetization and neutron diffraction measurements. FeCrP crystallizes in orthorhombic FeZrP type structure (Pnma space group,Z = 4) in which Cr atoms occupy the pyramidal site and Fe atoms occupy the tetrahedral site with total preference. Structural parameters including positional parameters have been refined. The refined values of positional parameters for Fe and Cr are quite different from those in FeZrP. The nature of magnetization-temperature curve is suggestive of antiferromagnetic nature withTN = 280 (±10) K. Preliminary analysis of neutron diffraction pattern at 13 K is indicative of a rather complicated magnetic structure.

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