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    • Dynamic microscopic basis for IBM-2: A new approach

      Subrata Sarangi Jitendra C Parikh

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      A dynamic approach, based on deformed Hartree-Fock solution of a nucleus, is suggested for obtaining correlated identical nucleon pair wave function for neutrons and protons. Expressions for single pair energies and two pair interaction matrix elements amongst the neutron and proton pairs in the microscopic fermion basis are presented. These matrix elements define the IBM-2 Hamiltonian through Marumori mapping. The entire procedure is illustrated by obtaining the IBM-2 spectra of20Ne,44Ti,60Zn and94Mo and comparing them with shell model (SM) and/or experimental results. The Yrast levels given by our calculations match well with those of the SM and the experimental results for all the four nuclei, while the non-Yrast levels do not barring the case of94Mo. This is due to the loss of isospin symmetry for light nuclei in IBM-2. These results are discussed in detail.

    • Shape transitions in even Mo and Sm isotopes: Study in a new microscopic interacting boson model scheme

      Subrata Sarangi Jitendra C Parikh

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      A simple dynamic procedure, based on the deformed Hartree-Fock solution of a nucleus, is presented to construct the IBM operators in microscopic basis. The parameters of these operators are evaluated by establishing a Marumori mapping from the truncated shell model space onto the boson space. The transitions from spherical to axial-rotor shape observed in the low-lying levels ofeven96–108Mo and146–154Sm isotopes are reproduced qualitatively by applying this procedure with a fixed set of fermion input parameters to each chain. Variation of a few parameters in fermion space leads to quantitative agreement.

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