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    • Kramers-Kronig analysis of the reflectance spectra of Pb-doped Bi-4334 type glass and the corresponding glass-ceramic superconductor

      Souri Banerjee S Chatterjee B K Chaudhuri

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      The room temperature reflectance spectra in UV-VIS-NIR region (energy range of 0.6 to 6.2 eV) for glassy, partially crystalline and its fully crystalline superconducting ceramic phases of Bi3.9Pb0.1Sr3Ca3Cu4Ox have been studied by Kramers-Kronig (KK) analysis. A comparative study of the energy loss function [− Im (1/ε)] and the absorption coefficient [α(E)] has been done. Excitions in the superconducting phase hitherto evidenced by the authors are located in the polarizable layers of the superconducting cuprate and their implications for superconductivity have been pointed out. An estimate of the optical band gap energy (Eg) has also been made from the linear fit ofα2 vs.E curve for the superconducting phase. Jezierski’s method ofR-extrapolations in the higher energy has been used to show that both methods yield results that agree quantitatively and can be relied upon.

    • Detection of directional energy damping in vibrating systems

      B R Amruth Souri Banerjee

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      The transmission efficiency, frequency and amplitude alteration have been measured by a simple technique of coupled oscillators with a frequency gradient and in a system of non-Newtonian fluid in the form of corn-flour slime. The system of coupled oscillators was found to exhibit preferential energy transfer towards the low frequency end with the reverse propagation severely damped. Energy transfer in all directions was damped in the non-Newtonian fluid in comparison with water. Also the damping in non-Newtonian fluids works only after a lower limit for input amplitude. While most of the previous studies focussed on dissipation of energy within shock-absorbing systems, we demonstrate the contribution of re-distribution of energy reaching the output end to achieve shock absorbing.

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