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    • Parity violation in a gravitational theory with torsion: A geometrical interpretation

      Soumitra Sengupta

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      In a space-time with torsion, the action for the gravitational field can be extended with a parity-violating piece. We show how to obtain such a piece from geometry itself, by suitably modifying the affine connection so as to include a pseudo-tensorial part. A consistent method is thus suggested for incorporating parity-violation in the Lagrangians of all matter fields with spin in a space-time background with torsion.

    • The Raychaudhuri equations: A brief review

      Sayan Kar Soumitra Sengupta

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      We present a brief review on the Raychaudhuri equations. Beginning with a summary of the essential features of the original article by Raychaudhuri and subsequent work of numerous authors, we move on to a discussion of the equations in the context of alternate non-Riemannian spacetimes as well as other theories of gravity, with a special mention on the equations in spacetimes with torsion (Einstein–Cartan–Sciama–Kibble theory). Finally, we give an overview of some recent applications of these equations in general relativity, quantum field theory, string theory and the theory of relativisitic membranes. We conclude with a summary and provide our own perspectives on directions of future research.

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