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    • On measuring the neutron coherent scattering length with ultrahigh precision

      Sohrab Abbas Apoorva G Wagh

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      We propose an order of magnitude improvement in the present five parts in 105 precision of a nondispersive interferometric measurement of the neutron coherent scattering lengthbc. For this purpose we make a judicious selection of the Bragg angle for the interferometer and the sample thickness. The precision is further improved by an optimal choice of the Bragg reflection (and a consequent neutron wavelength). By performing the experiment in vacuum, errors arising from possible variations in the pressure, composition or humidity of the ambient air can be eliminated. On attaining such precision, we ought to account for the neutron beam refraction at the sample-ambient interfaces, to infer the correctbc from the observed phase. The formula for the phase used hitherto is approximate and would significantly overestimatebc. The refractive index for neutrons can thus be determined to a phenomenal precision of a few parts in 1012.

    • Neutron forward diffraction by single crystal prisms

      Sohrab Abbas Apoorva G Wagh Markus Strobl Wolfgang Treimer

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      We have derived analytic expressions for the deflection as well as transmitted fraction of monochromatic neutrons forward diffracted by a single crystal prism. In the vicinity of a Bragg reflection, the neutron deflection deviates sharply from that for an amorphous prism, exhibiting three orders of magnitude greater sensitivity to the incidence angle. We have measured the variation of neutron deflection and transmission across a Bragg reflection, for several single crystal prisms. The results agree well with theory.

    • Pancharatnam geometric phase originating from successive partial projections

      Sohrab Abbas Apoorva G Wagh

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      The spin of a polarized neutron beam subjected to a partial projection in another direction, traces a geodesic arc in the 2-sphere ray space. We delineate the geometric phase resulting from two successive partial projections on a general quantal state and derive the direction and strength of the third partial projection that would close the geodesic triangle. The constraint for the three successive partial projections to be identically equivalent to a net spin rotation regardless of the initial state, is derived.

    • Bragg prism monochromator and analyser for super ultra-small angle neutron scattering studies

      Apoorva G Wagh Sohrab Abbas Markus Strobl Wolfgang Treimer

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      We have designed, fabricated and operated a novel Bragg prism monochromator–analyser combination. With a judicious choice of the Bragg reflection, its asymmetry and the apex angle of the silicon single crystal prism, the monochromator has produced a neutron beam with sub-arcsec collimation. A Bragg prism analyser with the opposite asymmetry has been tailored to accept a still sharper angular profile. With this optimized monochromator–analyser pair, we have attained the narrowest and sharpest neutron angular profile to date. At this facility, we have recorded the first SUSANS spectra spanning wave vector transfers $Q \sim 10^{−6}$ Å-1 to characterize samples containing agglomerates up to tens of micrometres in size.

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