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    • Message transfer in a communication network

      Satyam Mukherjee Neelima Gupte

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      We study message transfer in a 2-d communication network of regular nodes and randomly distributed hubs. We study both single message transfer and multiple message transfer on the lattice. The average travel time for single messages travelling between source and target pairs of fixed separations shows 𝑞-exponential behaviour as a function of hub density with a characteristic power-law tail, indicating a rapid drop in the average travel time as a function of hub density. This power-law tail arises as a consequence of the log-normal distribution of travel times seen at high hub densities. When many messages travel on the lattice, a congestion-decongestion transition can be seen. The waiting times of messages in the congested phase show a Gaussian distribution, whereas the decongested phase shows a log-normal distribution. Thus the waiting time distributions carry the signature of congested or decongested behaviour.

    • Statistical analysis of the road network of India

      Satyam Mukherjee

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      In this paper we study the Indian highway network as a complex network where the junction points are considered as nodes, and the links are formed by an existing connection. We explore the topological properties and community structure of the network. We observe that the Indian highway network displays small-world properties and is assortative in nature. We also identify the most important road-junctions (or cities) in the highway network based on the betweenness centrality of the node. This could help in identifying the potential congestion points in the network. Our study is of practical importance and could provide a novel approach to reduce congestion and improve the performance of the highway network.

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