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    • Optical absorption spectrum of Ni2+ ion doped in synthetic lecontite

      S V J Lakshman T V Krishna Rao

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      The optical absorption spectrum of Ni2+ ion doped in lecontite (sodium ammonium sulphate dihydrate) single crystal has been studied at room and liquid air temperatures. All the bands could be assigned assumingOh symmetry for the Ni2+ ion in the crystal. The splitting of3T1g (F) band at liquid air temperature has been attributed to spin-orbit interaction. The crystal field and spin-orbit parameters derived areDq=1000 cm−1;B=740 cm−1;C/B=4.27 and ζ=600 cm−1. All the bands observed show a blue shift when the crystal was cooled to liquid air temperature.

    • True potential energy curves,r-centroids and franck-condon factors of a few transition metal diatomic molecules

      M V Ramanaiah S V J Lakshman

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      The true potential energy curves for some electronic states of CuF, CuO, CuSe and CuTe molecules have been constructed by the method of Lakshman and Rao (RKR method as modified by Lakshman and Rao). The ground-state dissociation energies evaluated by the method of curve fitting using the H-H function agree well with the values reported earlier. Ther-centroids and Franck-Condon factors for various band systems of the above diatomic molecules have been computed.

    • Optical absorption spectra of tripositive erbium ion in certain nitrate complexes

      S V J Lakshman C K Jayasankar

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      Optical absorption of Er3+ ion in Er(NO3)3·5H2O, NH4NO3, Mg(NO3)2·6H2O, KNO3 and NaNO3 complexes has been studied. The second derivative spectra of these Er3+ complexes exhibited splittings in the4I9/2,4F9/2,4F7/2,4F5/2 and2H9/2 levels. These splittings have been tentatively explained as due to a cubic crystalline field. The partial derivatives for Er3+ ion have been calculated in terms of Racah (Ek) parameters. The results of a least squares fit of the energy levels and oscillator strengths of the bands are reported in terms of interaction parameters and Judd-Ofelt parameters. Radiative transition probabilities for various fluorescence levels are theoretically estimated. The lifetime of the4G11/2 level is found to be lowest in all nitrate complexes.

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