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    • Thermally stimulated current spectra in nitrogen implanted fluorinated ethylene propylene

      J P Jog S B Ogale S J Walzade A S Ogale S V Bhoraskar M R Bhiday V N Bhoraskar

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      Thermally stimulated current spectra of nitrogen implanted fluorinated ethylene propylene polymer foils have been studied. Two characteristic peaks have been obtained for samples implanted with nitrogen ions with energies ranging from 20 to 60 keV. The variations in the activation energies and relaxation times of charge carriers, as a function of implantation energy, have been attributed to the corresponding changes in the carrier distribution in the polymer. The carrier mobilities and mobility life-time products have also been estimated for the two characteristic peaks.

    • Thermal depolarisation current study of electron irradiated fluorinated ethylene propylene

      S J Walzade J P Jog S V Bhoraskar

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      Thermally stimulated current (TSC) studies have been reported in the co-polymer of tetrafluoro ethylene and hexafluoropropylene films. Depolarisation current peaks are obtained atα1,α2 andβ relaxation temperatures of the polymer and the detrapping process is explained on the basis of its molecular motion. A cross-over electron energy of 18 keV is observed where the nature of TSC spectra undergoes a remarkable change. This is explained in relation to the surface states in FEP. Five groups of trapping levels, 0.25±0.08, 0.57±0.10, 1.07±0.1, 1.3±0.25 and 2.3±0.4 eV are obtained.

    • Electrical and photoelectrical studies of plasma polymerized acrylonitrile

      Sujata B Dake S V Bhoraskar

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      The electrical and photoelectrical properties of plasma polymerized acrylonitrile (PAN) are reported. The polymer films were studied in silver-PAN-silver systems. Electrical conductivity at room temperature was of the order of 10−11 ohm−1 cm−1. The space charge limited current (SCLC) studies at room temperature and thermally stimulated current studies (TSC) over a temperature range of 290–500°K led to a clear understanding of carrier concentration, carrier mobility, trapping levels and activation energies. Photoelectric measurements were used to draw a band picture in plasma depositedPAN.

    • Secondary electron emission of sputtered alumina films

      N R Rajopadhye S V Bhoraskar

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      Secondary electron emission yieldδ was measured for thin films of alumina prepared byrf sputtering technique. Single pulse method was used along with 4-gridleed optics system to determineδ. Maximum value of 4·3 was obtained at primary energy of 350 eV. The Dionne’s theory was used to analyse the results and the emission probability escape depth and absorption coefficient of secondaries were also estimated. Fairly good correlation is observed between experimental and theoretical values ofδ for beam energies upto 1 keV.

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