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    • Negative muon capture in3He

      S Srinivasa Raghavan

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      We compute the partial capture rate of negative muons in3He by following the analysis of Peterson to include the relativistic corrections and the exchange effects, for various values of thegp/gA ratio. We also calculate the total capture rate. The ground state of3He is assumed to be spherical. The radial dependence of the ground state wave function is taken to be (a) one parameter Irving function, (b) a modified three-parameter Irving function and (c) a function having ‘soft-core’, whose parameters have been fixed in a variational calculation of the binding energy of the triton using a non-local momentum-dependent potential involvingp2 terms. The calculated values of the capture rates are compared with the experimental data to find a value for thegp/gA ratio.

    • 4He and soft-core radial function

      S Srinivasa Raghavan

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      The suitability of a soft-core radial wave function in4He calculations is tested by computing the charge form factor of the alpha particle. The free parameter in the radial function is fixed in a photo-disintegration calculation. The results show that the soft-core function is suitable and the ground state of4He may be described reasonably well if a suitable potential model is used with it.

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